Dispelling Myths About Cycle Touring

25 10 2014

Ever thought of cycle-touring? Here are some very insightful answers to some frequently asked questions from the perspective of fellow traveller Shrine Taylor.

The Wandering Nomads

“Not all those who bicycle are lost.”


The other day I read an article by a fellow Eugenian who is also cycling around the world, and I couldn’t help but laugh because every single myth she busted is true for us as well. In honor of that, I’ve decided to dispel many common myths about cycle touring from my own perspective.


Didn’t you get lonely? Isn’t it dangerous?

There is absolutely no time to get lonely when you are traveling alone! Between the travelers you meet, the families who take you in, and the time it takes to do simple tasks (such as setting up camp and doing laundry in the river), there are simply not enough hours in the day to feel alone.


And no, it is not inherently dangerous to go alone either, even through countries such as India which have an abysmal reputation for women. Of course…

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